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  • IP Voice 2008 - Lisbon, Portugal - March 5th to 6th, 2008 -

    IP Voice 2008 ( will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on March 5th to 6th, 2008, and with the main audience of this conference being targeted to enterprise customers and communication carriers.

    There have been a number of Open Software Phone projects that have happened in the past year and which continue to move forward: more>>

  • Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit - Austin, Texas - April 8th to 10th, 2008 -

    Unlike a lot of the events that I discuss in my Blog, the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit is a "by invitation only" event with a twist. Normally for "invitation only events", the potential attendee sits by the phone with their prom clothes on, waiting for the call that may or may not come. more>>

  • Campus Party, February 11-17, 2008, Sao Paulo, Brazil -

    After speaking at the Florida Linux Show on February 11th, I return ever-so-briefly to the New England area to re-pack my bags and head for Sao Paulo, Brazil to attend Campus Party (February 11th to 17th, 2008). more>>

  • LPI Community Corner

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    Richard Stallman’s Blog

  • Urgent: Subway staff working while sick -

    US citizens: tell Subway to stop making staff work while sick and stop firing them for going to the hospital.

  • Urgent: Poultry inspection rules -

    US citizens: Tell Secretary Vilsack to publish the proposed rule for poultry inspection, and hold hearings on it.

    The very idea of a secret rule proposal is offensive.

  • Al Jazeera building hit -

    Al Jazeera says Israeli troops fired at its building in Gaza.

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    Sérgio Amadeu


  • Descobertos e (re)misturados - Este artigo foi escrito por Fabianne Balvedi originalmente para a edição n.45 da Revista ABCDesign, codinome “Origens” ( ) Era junho de 2004, e eu estava em uma das apresentações mais badaladas do FISL V – Quinto Fórum Internacional Software Livre. Apesar de trabalhar com programas de código aberto desde 2001, fazia muito pouco [...]
  • CANDIDATO dos TUCANOS DEFENDEU TRABALHO INFANTIL. JUSTIÇA COMPROVA - Jonas Donizete, desesperado, despreparado, orientado pelos mesmos marketeiros de Alckmin e Serra, tentou nos programas de TV dizer que nunca tinha apresentado nenhum projeto favorável ao trabalho infantil. Como não conseguiu impedir o acesso ao projeto de lei 9236/1997, de sua autoria, no site Câmara de Vereadores, solicitou à Jutiça Eleitoral o bloqueio das denuncias, [...]
  • JONAS DONIZETE, DO PSB, DEFENDE TRABALHO INFANTIL - Jonas Donizete, candidato de Alckmin e dos tucanos a Prefeitura de Campinas, apoiado por Luiza Erundina, apresentou o vergonhoso projeto que defende trabalho de crianças a partir de 7 anos de idade. O pior é que ele mente na TV e diz que nunca apresentou o projeto. Ele aposta na ignorância. Então, desafio ele e [...]
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    GNU`s News

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    Debian Project News

  • Google Summer of Code updates - S.M. Floris gives an status update to Muon package integration with apt-listbugs: apt-listbugs will warn users when installing packages if those packages have serious, grave, or critical bugs. The muon package is available in the Git repository for the muon package on Alioth under the gsoc-floris-2014 branch. Ian S. Donnelly takes us through his 4 week experience and process of implementing a Three-Way merge algorithm for Elektra KeySets in C++ towards the kdb merge tool. Andrew Schurman shares his latest update on the Java Project Dependency Builder which aims to check all of the dependencies in a project to assure that the sources are actually "free".
  • The first set of talks for DebConf14 have been accepted! - These are just the first accepted talks and we are still accepting talks about Debian-related ideas, proposals, and stories. Details on how to submit your own talk are available on the events page.
  • Debian is moving (back) to GLIBC - Five years ago Debian moved from using GLIBC to the EGLIBC fork as the standard C library. Now that course of action is being reversed and Debian is switching back to GLIBC due to the demise of the EGLIBC project and the dissolution of the GLIBC steering committee. With the GLIBC committee gone, GLIBC became open for peer review, shared repositories, removal of the ports/ directories, and has had most of the important EGLIBC features merged back into it. The new glibc package is available in experimental.