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Jon ‘maddog’ Hall

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  • IP Voice 2008 - Lisbon, Portugal - March 5th to 6th, 2008 -

    IP Voice 2008 ( will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on March 5th to 6th, 2008, and with the main audience of this conference being targeted to enterprise customers and communication carriers.

    There have been a number of Open Software Phone projects that have happened in the past year and which continue to move forward: more>>

  • Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit - Austin, Texas - April 8th to 10th, 2008 -

    Unlike a lot of the events that I discuss in my Blog, the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit is a "by invitation only" event with a twist. Normally for "invitation only events", the potential attendee sits by the phone with their prom clothes on, waiting for the call that may or may not come. more>>

  • Campus Party, February 11-17, 2008, Sao Paulo, Brazil -

    After speaking at the Florida Linux Show on February 11th, I return ever-so-briefly to the New England area to re-pack my bags and head for Sao Paulo, Brazil to attend Campus Party (February 11th to 17th, 2008). more>>

  • LPI Community Corner

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    Richard Stallman’s Blog

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    Sérgio Amadeu


  • Descobertos e (re)misturados - Este artigo foi escrito por Fabianne Balvedi originalmente para a edição n.45 da Revista ABCDesign, codinome “Origens” ( ) Era junho de 2004, e eu estava em uma das apresentações mais badaladas do FISL V – Quinto Fórum Internacional Software Livre. Apesar de trabalhar com programas de código aberto desde 2001, fazia muito pouco [...]
  • CANDIDATO dos TUCANOS DEFENDEU TRABALHO INFANTIL. JUSTIÇA COMPROVA - Jonas Donizete, desesperado, despreparado, orientado pelos mesmos marketeiros de Alckmin e Serra, tentou nos programas de TV dizer que nunca tinha apresentado nenhum projeto favorável ao trabalho infantil. Como não conseguiu impedir o acesso ao projeto de lei 9236/1997, de sua autoria, no site Câmara de Vereadores, solicitou à Jutiça Eleitoral o bloqueio das denuncias, [...]
  • JONAS DONIZETE, DO PSB, DEFENDE TRABALHO INFANTIL - Jonas Donizete, candidato de Alckmin e dos tucanos a Prefeitura de Campinas, apoiado por Luiza Erundina, apresentou o vergonhoso projeto que defende trabalho de crianças a partir de 7 anos de idade. O pior é que ele mente na TV e diz que nunca apresentou o projeto. Ele aposta na ignorância. Então, desafio ele e [...]
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    GNU`s News

  • FSF Events: Richard Stallman - encuentro para presentar al SO Jarro Negro - (Bogota, Colombia) -

    Richard Stallman tomará parte en un encuentro con educadores de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mejico, quienes presentarán una distribución GNU/Linux denominada Jarro Negro en la Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, Facultad de Tecnología, y asistirá a un taller sobre GNU/EMACS, con el fin de incentivar su utilización en el entorno académico.

    Favor de rellenar este formulario, para que podamos contactarle acerca de eventos futuros en la región de Bogotá.

  • Riccardo Mottola: Improvements in GNUstep's native window look - In the past weeks, quite some polish was added in windows support.

    First, there was a bug affecting Popup Menus and contextual menus that affected only certain computers. It was fixed.

    Then the controls were not properly initialized. Native file-dialogs, for example, as well as upcoming print dialogs (work in progress by Gregory) did not fit the theme properly. On XP, Window 7 and Windows 8 they should follow the native look, instead they always got the "Win 95" look creating a strange mix.

    The fix requires initializing Windows' controls. I put the initialization code inside the WinUX theme loading. If it will not prove safe, then it needs to be moved into NSApplication. Furthermore, an XML resource file to enable the correct loading.

    I really does look nice, doesn't it?
  • Nick Clifton: September 2014 GNU Toolchain Update - Hi Guys,

      In this month's news we have:
      * The GDB project is removing support for the following platforms:
        - MIPS IRIX (mips*-sgi-irix5*, mips*-sgi-irix6*)
        - Alpha Tru64 (alpha*-*-osf*)

        This only affect code maintained by GDB project (not binutils or GCC).  Also, support for any other target on MIPS (including embedded ones) will be maintained as is.

      * GCC now supports the MIPS R6 and ARM CORTEX-A17 architecture variants.

      * The is a new gcc attribute called no_reorder.  This tells GCC not to change the order of the marked functions and variables, relative to each other.  (Unmarked functions and variables can still be reordered).  This attribute is similar to the -fno-topleve-reorder option, except that it only applies to the marked symbols.

      * There is a new GCC command line optionn: -freport-bug

        This tells GCC to collect and dump debug information into temporary file if an internal compiler error occurs.  This information can be helpful to whomever has to fix the bug.

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    Debian Project News

  • Bits from the release team and Jessie's freeze - Adam D. Barrat published some release team news. The window for new transitions closed on September 5, and ongoing transitions should be completed as quickly as possible. The final architecture check was completed in mid-September, and the current agreed list of architectures for Jessie is amd64, armel and armhf, i386, kfreebsd-amd64 and kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc and s390x. The final decision for kFreeBSD ports, for which human resources is a concern, and arm64 and ppc64el ports, which made good progress and have strong support, is expected in the very beginning of November. The freeze for Jessie is scheduled for November 5. In order to get their packages into Jessie before the freeze, maintainers of packages should take into account the fact that starting from October 5, the migration delay for all packages uploaded to unstable to enter Jessie will be 10 days.
  • The newsletter for the Debian community - On a related topic, Lucas Nussbaum asks, "Will the packages you rely on be part of Debian Jessie?", with a helpful series of steps you can use to be prepared. Please also read the Freeze Policy for Jessie to ensure you are in fact ready, prepared, and aware of the procedures taking place.
  • DebConf14: Talks, thoughts, comments and progress - The annual Debian developer meeting took place in Portland, Oregon, 23 to 31 August 2014. DebConf14 attendees participated in talks, discussions, workshops and programming sessions. Video teams captured a lot of the main talks and discussions for streaming for interactive attendees and for the Debian video archive. Between the video, presentations, and handouts the coverage came from the attendees in blogs, posts, and project updates of which a few have been gathered for your reading over on the DebConf blog.